Alat Pemisah Serat Kapas Tipe SG TAS-2 dipergunakan untuk memisahkan serat dan biji kapas.

• Menggunakan penggerak berbahan bakar bensin, mesin dengan kekuatan 5,5 HP.

• Sangat mudah dioperasikan, dan

• Kapasitas memisahkan serat dan biji kapas 50 – 70 kg kapas berbiji/jam.


The TAS-2 SG Cotton Fiber Separator is used to separate fiber and cotton seeds.

• Using a gasoline propulsion, a machine with a power of 5.5 HP.

• Very easy to use, and

• Capacity to separate fiber and cotton seeds 50 - 70 kg cotton seeds / hour.

Directly on Stem Bud Chips Machine

Breakthrough technology of Bud chipper in order to get the bud chips by taking it directly from the stem of sugarcane in the clump of the plant in fields. So far, the harvesting of bud chips from the mother plant after 6-8 months old by felling sugarcane plant and then transported and taken its bud chips elsewhere. Intake of bud chips by felling the sugarcane plant impact on the remaining stems of young sugar cane having low sugar content and not economical to be processed into sugar so the lots of waste collected and damage the environment. Acquisition of bud chips on plant using this tool, sugarcane could still be harvested and becoming a new hope for farmer to get a double value and income from the sale value of seed and yield of sugar cane.

Excellence :

  • Taking the sugar cane buds directly from the stem.
  • The seeds produced in fresh and healthy condition
  • The quality of the seeds is very good with the surface of fine slices
  • High seed sprouts according to seed potential.
  • The quality of the seeds is protected from transport damage.
  • Making sugarcane parent plant more efficient.
  • The scope of new development areas is wider.
  • Free from sugar cane waste after the bud chips are taken.
  • Sugar cane is still alive and can be maintained 3-4 months after the bud chips are taken.
  • The use of labor is more economical and efficient.
  • Sugarcane can be harvested as a result of early ripe sugar cane garden.

Drill Specification :

  • The bud chipper eye is a serrated drill
  • Diameter of the bud chipper eye 29-31 mm
  • Hole drill bud chipper for the discharge of bud chipper eye
  • Right / left rotate direction Button
  • ON / OF button (low / high speed)
  • Power 450 W. 220 V.
  • Sugar Cane Grip to hold the cane
  • Sugar Cane Grip holder connected to body
  • The collection of bud chips ± 40% of the stem diameter.
  • Capacity 660-780 bud chips / hour (5300-6250 buds chips / day)

Generator Specification :

: 50HZ
: 220 V


type (A) :
Rated ac output :
(1000 W)
1 generator :
Tipe (B) :
Rated ac output :
(2000 W)
1 generator :

Bud Chipper Preparation:

  • Canes seed diameter > 20 mm
  • Peeling the sugar cane seed 1-2 days before taking.
  • The clump of sugar cane is tipped to avoid a broken stem.
  • Waring mounted circular at the base of sugarcane clump as a container of bud chips.
  • Enough Oil and fuel control of Genset.
  • Check the cable roll and plugs.
  • The blade of bud chipper / drill fit perfectly.
  • Prepare a container of bud chips containing water and mankosepsy fungicide 2 gr / liter of water.
  • Paste the Sugar Cane Grip on sugar cane and hold with left hand.
  • Position the bud chips in the middle of the bud chipper.
  • Press the on / of and push button.
  • The drill rotation takes the bud chips and drops it.
  • Drilling thickness ± 40% of stem diameter.
  • Drill cut marks on the stem are smooth and tidy.
  • If the Sugar Cane Grip ace in the sleeve is sticky because being exposed to sap and disrupts the performance, give it a sufficient water drops.
  • The clump of sugar cane that has been taken its bud chips are tied again in the middle of the stem to avoid being broken.

(Edi Purlani and Subiyakto)

The working principle of this machine is peeling the fruit skin due to friction of the fruit in the space between the cylinders that rotate with a certain speed with konkaf. Jatropha fruit parer Type Balittas 02 with capacity 300 kg / hour. This machine is equipped with separator so that the seeds of jatropha removed relatively clean from the skin of fruit, handles, or other impurities. Thus the seeds obtained intact 100%, there is no seeds broken or wounds due to stripping. If the fruit to be peeled is too mature (brown), the seeds obtained are still 100% intact but, mixed with the skin of the fruit inside (shells) to separate the seeds with the skin of the fruit inside could be done manually by using hand or winnowed with winnowing.

Jatropha fruit Parer, consists of the main parts namely :
  • Main Frame
  • Breaking Room
  • Separator
  • Transmission System
  • The power uses a 7 HP diesel engine or 10 HP electro motor
Type Balittas 02

Technical specifications :
Machine Name: Jatropha fruit Parer
Material :
  • Iron Plate 4 mm.
  • Iron elbow 5 x 5
  • As 1,5 and 1,25 in
  • Screen 1,5 dan 0,7 cm
  • Diesel motor 7 PK
Dimension Balittas 02
Length (cm)
Wide (cm)
Height (cm)

Power: Diesel Motor 7 PK
Transmission system : V belt
Operator : 3 person

1. Tools specifications :

  • Dimension (p x l x t)= 28 x 28 x 27 cm.
  • Fuse Number = 20 buah.
  • Tank capacity= 1,8 liter
  • Fuel = crude jatropha oil 100%.
  • Fuel consumption= 138 ml/jam.

2. How to use :

  • Put the fuse as much as 20 pieces @ 20-25 cm into the fuse hole, reserve the upper end about 1,5 - 2 cm.
  • Insert crude jatropha oil into the tank until full.
  • Place the fuse until the fuse dipped in the oil and wait 1 hour until the oil seep to the upper fuse.
  • To turn on, pour a little kerosene or spiritus ( + 5 ml) to the surface of the fuse.
  • Turn on, like turning on a kerosene fuel fuse stove.

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