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ORGANeem is a botanical pesticide neem seed extract (Azadiracta indica). Components contained in the neem seed, among others azadirachtin, meliantriol and salanin, can cause interference in the process of metamorphosis and the insect eating disorders. ORGANeem also can cause the intrusion of sexual communication between female and male insects and insect repellent can be as herbivores to attend a crop, if the crop has been sprayed ORGANeem.

ORGANeem is a multifunctional pesticides, can be used as an insecticide, bactericide, and fungicide. These botanical pesticides do not have a negative effect on useful insects, did not result in resistance and does not cause fitotoksisitas, so that an environment-friendly pesticides.

OrgaNeem contain the active ingredient Azadirachtin ranged from 0.8 to 1.4%.

Cara kerja :
Main active ingredient of OrgaNeem as insecticide is azadirachtin. Azadirachtin affect neurosekretori cell in brain. That cell activate protorak gland function which is stimulates protein synthesis, prevent water loss, increase or decrease the activity and regulation of metamorphosis, ekdisis, and diapause of insect. as insecticide, OrgaNeem can controlling pest insect because:

  1. destroy / inhibit the development of eggs, larvae, and pupae
  2. inhibit skin turnover
  3. interfere with copulation and sexual communication
  4. feeding repellents
  5. inhibit reproduction, and
  6. reduce appetite.

Keunggulan :

  • Practical in its usebecause OrgaNeem formulated in liquid form. It's cheaper with effectiveness that is not different than the commercial insecticides on the market, so it can be used as a substitute of synthetic chemical pesticides.
  • OrgaNeem contain several active components of pesticides, so OrgaNeem have multi-use functions in addition to control pests as well as pest control.
  • OrgaNeem is broad-spectrum and difficult to cause pest resistance. Azadirachtin is the active component of insecticide that is contained in OrgaNeem,effective for killing more than 200 kinds of pests.Crocidolomia binoptalis treated with Azadirachtin up to 423 generations, the caterpillars are still sensitive to Azadirachtin.
  • Safe for humans, so it is suitable for crops directly consumed by humans.
  • OrgaNeem not cause fitotoksis in plants, so it is suitable for all types of plants.
  • OrgaNeem made from 100% organic ingredients, so it is suitable for organic farming.
  • OrgaNeem safe for the environment and useful insects, so it is compatible use in integrated pest management (PHT).
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